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At Eat My Logo, we understand that every customer is unique and deserves a personalised touch when it comes to their branded treats. That’s why we take pride in offering bespoke orders, where we go above and beyond to create customised and memorable treats that perfectly align with our clients’ vision and branding.

Now let’s talk about how we do this and provide you with some examples of projects we have worked on in the past with our clients.

Detailed Consultation

Firstly, we begin the bespoke order process by scheduling a detailed consultation with our clients. During this, we take the time to understand their specific requirements, branding guidelines, and any unique elements they would like to incorporate into their treats. This open dialogue ensures that we have a clear understanding of their vision and enables us to provide tailored recommendations for their bespoke order.

Custom toppers and shapes

We have the ability to create a variety of shapes and sizes, whether that be a plane shaped biscuit, or a topper in the shape of a heart. This allows for us to meet our clients’ requirements easily, and provide them with a bespoke, detailed product. The minimum order quantity for bespoke orders starts at 100 units, however the limit is endless, meaning we can cater for any size, be that a corporate event or even a celebratory anniversary party.

Coloured frosting

We can create any colour of frosting for our cupcakes, to best fit with your clients requirements, be that their company colours, or to fit with a certain theme for an event they are hosting. In the past we have created a variety of colours for our clients, just take a look below

Bespoke Packaging

We provide the option for bespoke packaging, which our clients can either design or choose to have their products within. For example, recently we received a bespoke order from a client, requesting to have each cupcake allocated within a plastic pod, with a bow attached. This allowed for them to hand out each cupcake with ease to their recipients. In addition, during easter, a client reached out to us and wanted to have a custom designed wrap, which they created, added to the packaging for their bunny and egg-shaped biscuits.

Catering to bespoke orders at Eat My Logo is not just about creating branded treats; it’s about crafting delightful experiences that leave a lasting impression. From the initial consultation to the final delivery, we go above and beyond to understand our client’s vision and ensure the highest level of quality and satisfaction.

If your clients are wanting to create a bespoke order, then please contact our sales team today on 01772 472580 to go through their requirements. We look forward to speaking to you!

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