Woman pointing at a eco promise logo


At Eat My Logo, we are conscious about the lifecycle of our products and have spent a great deal of time working to ensure we have as little environmental impact as possible! We’ve developed an ‘Eco Promise’ to our customers, which we are committed to keeping:

– Our products must be packaged with, or be available as packaged with an ‘eco-friendly’ solution (Bio-degradable, Recyclable, Zero-plastic, Glassine packs)

– Our products must use an eco-friendly void fill solution (paper, recyclable)

– Our production facility and offices strictly follow an eco-guidance policy, relating to the use of electricity, disposal and waste product

– Our team will strive to continue evolving our eco promise, ensuring that we develop and change where necessary to improve it

Not only do these policies allow us to reduce our impact on the environment, but they also allow us to adhere to the corporate social responsibility regulations of our distributors and end user customers! It’s good news all round.

We think it’s very important that the recipients of your branded products are impressed with high quality and sustainable packaging. It will help your brand shine and show that you take your corporate responsibility seriously.


Our plastic free award winning Postal Cupcake Giftboxes have been designed to help us take steps towards a lower environmental impact. We’ve even added both a 4 and 6 pack option! These ECO giftboxes are also used to package our Mince Pies over the festive period.

While our previous boxes contained a plastic cupcake tray, and plastic void fill (air bubbles), our new options have been designed to look and function better than ever!

With a sleek new design, the boxes are the perfect height and size to carefully protect our cupcakes, while remaining small enough to be sent via Royal Mail as a small parcel. There is no longer a need for any void fill materials, as the cardboard cupcake inserts hold the cakes securely during shipping.

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