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With World Environment Day nearly here, we wanted to share how we at Eat My Logo are conscious about the lifecycle of our products. We have spent a great deal of time working to ensure we have as little environmental impact as possible! In fact, we’ve developed an ‘Eco Promise’ to our customers, which we are committed to keeping:


All of our products are packaged with the environment in mind. We use eco-friendly solutions which include using recyclable cardboard boxes and glassine bags for our products, ensuring that we use as little plastic as we possibly can. Even our tape which seals our boxes is recyclable as it is paper based!

When packaging our products, we use paper to act as void fill to ensure safe delivery of our products to their designated address.

The plastic which we do use for our Cupcake trays is fully recyclable, and is made from recycled plastic items, making it a completely eco product cycle. We have also made changes to some of our giftbox packaging, opting for cardboard boxes with card-based inserts to keep products in place.

Recently our Director Andy Poar and Production Manager Andrew Birchall, attended an packaging conference in Birmingham to look for new ideas on how to improve our packaging systems. He commented “We found the event to be very useful and we have someone coming into the business very soon who will be providing us a demonstration on a new automatic paper tape dispenser which will hopefully be more reliable and help us in packaging orders much faster, while avoiding the use of plastic-based tape”


Our facility and offices follow strict policies on eco guidance, relating to the use of electricity, disposal, and waste product.

For instance, we ensure that lights and manufacturing equipment are turned off when not required to save on energy. This is known throughout our business, and our employees follow this rule strictly to ensure energy can be saved where possible. It makes a major difference, as we’ve got dozens of large-scale machines.

In addition, in regard to waste and disposal, we have separate bins to enable us as a business to recycle unwanted items such as cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, paper etc. This will help us to make an impact on the environment and where our rubbish will eventually end up.

We also re-purpose waste product, for example our cake crumb can be used in cake jars, and biscuit crumb can be used as decoration on funky cupcakes. This helps us avoid disposing of products and ingredients that are still perfectly tasty!

Our Promise

As a company, we will strive to continue evolving our eco promise, ensuring that we develop and change where necessary to improve it.

Our policies allow us to reduce our impact on the environment, but they also allow us to adhere to the corporate social responsibility regulations of our distributors and end user customers! It’s good news all round. We think it’s very important that the recipients of your branded products are impressed with high quality and sustainable packaging. It will help your brand to shine and show that you take your corporate responsibility seriously

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