bespoke sweets for saying goodbye

Are you rubbish at Goodbyes?

Do your tenants remember you for years to come?  – We work with sites that have mastered goodbyes, and guess what… it makes a major reputational difference.

It’s that time of year, your tenants are soon to be packing up and moving out for the summer, ahead of the next academic year. We know just how hard goodbyes can be, but why not leave residents with a positive memory of their time at your site? Afterall, time at university is remembered for life.


How do we leave tenants smiling?

Food has a unique ability to create positive endorphins within the brain, so simply put, our products create happy emotions.

There’s no nicer gesture than leaving tenants with a treat as they move out. Whether it’s a small chocolate bar, or a giftbox of cakes and biscuits, it will catch their attention, and create a positive association with your brand for years to come.

Branded Cupcakes, biscuits and confectionery packs are just some of the handy ways you can have a big impact on students as they move on. We’ve worked with hundreds of accommodation sites around the UK to create impactful and budget friendly treats, branded with a logo, message or artwork.


Why give goodbye treats?

Giving tenants a treat as they leave… What’s the point?

Well, with so many accommodation sites offer students a welcoming gift, so why not go one step beyond and leave them with something to remember you by. You never know, it might be the gesture that encourages them back the following year or sparks a recommendation to friends and family. After all, reputation is a key driving factor for prospective residents of the future.

It’s not uncommon for sites to put some thought into student goodbyes, so if you aren’t already, why not give it a try this year and see how it goes?


How do I order/get a quote?

Looking to explore the idea further? Great, we’re here to assist you!

Ready to order?

If you’re ready to place an order, you can do so on our website, simply choose your product and click ‘buy online’.

Looking to pay with terms? Simply contact us and let us know what you’re looking for.

Build a quote?

Get an idea on price using our quote builder tool. Simply select your product via our menu and choose the ‘build a quote’ option.

You can download your quote, and simply get in touch with us to go ahead with your order.

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