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With Amazon’s Liverpool depot reaching their 3 year milestone, area manager Marcio was searching for an engaging way to celebrate with staff members. We worked with them to create an amazing array of on-brand celebrational treats, used as part of festivities on the date of the anniversary.

Area Manager, Marcio, who originally worked at the Manchester depot, recommended our company and our products saying “my first experience with your company was when I was covering the Manchester area. The feedback from the staff was good regarding the taste of your products so I have become a usual customer of you”.

Marcio was seeking to impress and engage all colleagues on site, hoping to please a range of preferences, dietary requirements, and tastes.

Following a browse of our website, Amazon ultimately settled on a captivating selection of treats. Picture this: our one-of-a-kind funky cupcakes, mouth-watering doughnuts, sumptuous millionaire tarts, charming jelly bean pouches, and our show-stopping signature 12-inch cakes.

The decision-making process provided us with valuable insights into the diverse tastes and preferences of the employees at the Liverpool depot. It was fascinating to observe the thoughtfulness that went into choosing products that catered to a wide spectrum of tastes, ensuring a delightful and inclusive experience for all involved.

The treats formed a major part of the 3-year anniversary celebrations and were laid out for colleagues to enjoy during the working day. They proved popular with staff, who were in high spirits after 3 successful years since the depot initially opened. The staff zone at the depot played host to the treats, as well as other anniversary themed decorations.

For those of you who are ready to turn your celebrations into something extraordinary, look no further than Eat My Logo! Dive into the excitement by exploring our wide array of delicious treats on our website or, better yet, reach out to our dynamic sales team today. Let’s make your next celebration an unforgettable, joyous affair together! We’re excited and ready to bring your sweetest dreams to life!

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