Prepare your celebrations surrounding Her Majesty the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022 with our range of themed edible treats. Planning a work event to create a positive office environment? Here’s our ultimate guide to the Platinum Jubilee, and how to create the best queen’s jubilee office celebration!

The Platinum Jubilee of Elizabeth II:

When is platinum jubilee celebrated?

While the Queens 70th anniversary starts from February, the official bank holidays are from the 3rd of June. Office celebrations are scheduled that week, with many businesses holding events on the 2nd.

A Platinum Jubilee is how many years?

The celebrations mark 70 years of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign. That’s over 25,000 days!

How do I celebrate The Platinum Jubilee of Elizabeth II in work?


Office/Street Party:

Don’t limit all of the fun to the bank holidays, be sure to hold an internal office or street party to show your support for the Royal Family on this momentous occasion. Platinum Jubilee’s don’t come around often, and it’s a once in a lifetime occurrence for the staff working in your business, so be sure to arrange some time out of the day to gather and celebrate.

Gather your teams, get a speaker out, offer some food and drinks, host a royal themed quiz and celebrate! Creating a positive buzz in the office will boost your staff engagement and will show your key stakeholders that you’re serious about creating a healthy workplace.

Why not arrange some official Platinum Jubilee branded Biscuits and Cupcakes to share with your colleagues and customers throughout the party? Spreading the positivity is key to celebrating, and our products make it easy for you to create your themed event with no fuss.

Adding Themed Treats to your Celebrations:

The key to creating a successful celebration is a sense of goodwill and positivity, and there’s no easier way to create that than through irresistible edible treats.

Our team have pre-designed a range of Queen’s Jubilee images for use across our product set. Whether you go for our frosted cupcakes, brownie bites, chocolate bars or shortbread biscuits, we’ll create your order and dispatch to as many locations as you need to reach. Each product will be branded with the official logo as created for the Royal Family.

Our product team have even created a new Victoria Sponge Cake Jar especially for Jubilee events. Each jar is layered with fresh vanilla sponge, buttercream and strawberry jam, and is finished with a printed label of the official Jubilee logo.

Bake your Own:

There’s nothing more British than baking! Why don’t you host your very own Great British Baking Competition in celebration of The Platinum Jubilee? Encourage your team members to bake their very own cakes at home and bring them into work for a tasting session! Don’t forget to order some branded toppers printed with the queen’s jubilee logo to be added to the top of each sweet creation. Whether it’s cupcakes, large cakes or biscuits, we can provide icing toppers for your team to add to them as a perfect finishing touch.


Official Platinum Jubilee Website here

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