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What is Glassine? And why is it such a good Eco Option?

Glassine is a paper-based material, that is resistant to liquid and is completely smooth. This makes it a great option for packaging edible items in an eco-friendly way. It is a renewable and recyclable option and is a truly green choice for packaging.

As an eco-conscious business, we have been working with Glassine as a packaging option, and we wanted to educate our customers as to what glassine is, and why we use it to package some products.

As part of our Eco Promise (https://eatmylogo.co.uk/baking-the-world-a-better-place/) we decided that our products must be packaged with or be available as packaged with an ‘eco-friendly’ solution. During our research we came across a range of materials and packaging methods that enabled us to provide items while having a lesser impact on the environment.

Glassine was a top choice, as it offers a recyclable individual packaging option, while retaining all of the important features of food packaging. We’ve been offering it as an option alongside our compostable flow wrap film, so that our customers have multiple eco-choices when considering how they would like products packaged.

At the request of our customers, we are able to provide the majority of our products in glassine packaging. Key options include our 5cm bites and biscuits and large round shortbread. Some customers have been utilising the glassine options on all orders, as it allows them to provide treats to their staff and customers while keeping within their social responsibility guidelines.

If you’re looking to find out more about the various ways in which we are reducing our environmental impact, take a look at our latest environmental blog (https://eatmylogo.co.uk/baking-the-world-a-better-place/).

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