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We can print products with your company logo on, but did you know that we can also provide products printed with a themed image? Whether it’s a national holiday, awareness day or charity event we work with businesses across the country that utilise our edible treats as part of their internal and external celebrations

We’ve worked to create templates and standard products so that you can add edible products to your event/celebration as quickly as possible and with great value for money. From brownies and cupcakes to biscuits and cake jars, we’ve got products to suit everyone.

Some example events and themes you might be involved with are:


Charity Awareness Days:

Charity events are a part of life no matter what sector you’re in, with fundraisers and awareness days commonplace in many offices around the UK. Whether you’re trying to raise money for your nominated charity, or you’re a charity looking for creative ways to generate revenue, we’ve got a great range of options.

Our fully finished cupcakes and cake jars are amazing, as they offer a no hassle option for fundraiser events. Have you considered utilising our branded toppers to decorate your own creations? Increase the message strength of your internal bake sale by using charity branded logo toppers.

What are some key UK Charity days?

Red Nose Day (Comic Relief)

Children in Need

Stand Up to Cancer

MacMillan Coffee Morning



Awareness/Appreciation Days:

As a business, you may have your own social responsibilities, and these could include promoting or raising awareness of certain causes. We’ve worked with businesses to help them enhance their awareness days, education sessions and learning lunches. Giving staff or customers a memorable and tangible item will increase their engagement, and they will be more likely to remember the awareness day.

Some awareness days supported by UK businesses are:

Pride Month

International Women’s Day

National Employee Appreciation Day

International Nurses Day

Mental Health Awareness Week

Stress Awareness Week

World Environment Day

National Celebrations/Holidays:

It goes without saying that national celebrations are a major happening, even in a business environment. They can be key times of the year for gatherings, events and celebrations, making them the perfect time for teams to share some treats. Has your business planned out anything to celebrate these occasions?

We’ve created specific ranges for some of these events, with products designed to help you treat and reward your key stakeholders. These occasions can be a great excuse for you to create some goodwill towards your brand, whether its internal or external.

What should I be planning for?



Mother’s Day

Father’s Day


VE Day

Landmark Events:

Once in a while, a major event occurs in the UK that is widely celebrated by people in both a professional and personal capacity. These events always create a buzz in peoples lives, so bringing them into the office can be a great way to lift spirits and boost morale. Our sales team can help you celebrate with the assistance of themed tasty treats for your teams or your valued customers.

Maximising the power of landmark events is an art form, however if done right they can create a great deal of staff engagement, brand awareness and general goodwill! Speak to us today and we’ll give you a helping hand.

What landmark events are widely celebrated?

World Cup 2022

Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee


Sector Specific:

If you work in or with a specific sector, chances are there are some events celebrated only by that industry. Whether they are niche or industry wide these are key events for you, and they make up a part of your marketing and promotions. Why not consider utilising some themed or branded treats to gain some more momentum?

We might not be aware of your industry specific events, so reach out and let us know what’s coming up for you and we will create a solution to meet your needs and requirements. It might be an internal celebration day, or a sector wide conference, no matter the occasion we can assist you!

What are some example sector events?


University Freshers


World Book Day



World Cup 2022

Grand National

Cheltenham Races


Have we inspired you to enhance your celebration efforts? We’re here to assist you create a memorable experience for your staff and customers. Be sure to contact us today and get your promotions off to a brilliant start.

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