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Don’t let your client be the boss that forgot!

Friday the 4th of March is officially Employee Appreciation Day! (Sometimes known as Staff Appreciation Day) Don’t let your client be the boss that forgot to order some treats. We’ve worked with thousands of businesses around the UK to help them treat teams and keep morale high, and we can’t wait to work with you to help them make an impact.

Our range of edible treats are ideal to help businesses celebrate Employee Appreciation Day 2022, featuring our popular options. Try out our logo branded cupcakes, logo biscuits and logo doughnuts!

Helping clients to show gratitude to their hardworking staff will create a positive buzz in their office and will boost effectiveness. The edible treats may disappear quickly, however the effects will last longer than they might expect.

Who would benefit from me buying Edible treats for the team?

It goes without saying, the recipients of your tasty treats will be delighted, but are they the only people that would benefit from the treats?

Well, the answer is no. Team managers will be the next people to benefit, as teams will be more engaged and positive as a result. This will have an impact on productivity and engagement with their tasks.

If you think about it, every single person in an organisation can benefit from the use of staff engagement treats. They are all about creating a more positive working environment. And Staff Appreciation Day is the perfect day for your client to show that they care!

Where do I start?

We’d recommend that your client has a think about what they’d like to achieve this Staff Appreciation Day, then make contact with us and share some project details. Whether they need to send cupcakes to 10 staff working from home, or 10,000 doughnuts delivering to offices around the country, our team are prepped to help you make the biggest impact possible.

We’ve worked with some of the largest brands in the UK to help them promote internal initiatives, awareness days or just simply to treat their staff for their hard work. We equally value our SME customers, and we’ve provided products for teams of 5. We love helping to create smiles, no matter how many people are involved!

When do I need to order? & How do I order?

The 4th of march is officially Employee Appreciation Day, so we’re encouraging all customers to place their orders at least 7 days before. Aim to have your orders placed before the 25th of February, giving you more than enough time for delivery to final locations.

Employee benefits don’t have to be a headache. We’ve made it super easy to make a difference, and our team will assist you with anything you may need. Simply send over some details and we will quote you within an hour. If you require visuals, samples or ingredient info, we have you covered. Once you are happy to proceed, we will print and dispatch your clients order as per your chosen delivery date.

Don’t forget!

Click here and drag into your email window to mark the date in your calendar! We’ll even send you a handy reminder the week before.

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