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TRENDS (Aug – Oct)

Stay one step ahead on merchandise this year! Here are some key event dates to look out for this year, and some of the best suited products.

National Choc Chip Cookie Day

Chocolate Chip cookies are one of our most popular options. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to show your staff or customers that you’re thinking outside the box! Provide some logo branded cookies to your key people, individually wrapped in biodegradable film.

National Sponge Cake Day

With national sponge cake day approaching, we’re on hand to provide cake in all kinds of ways! Cupcakes, Large Celebration Cakes, Cake Jars and Letterbox packs are all available to help you celebrate.


National White Chocolate Day

Have you seen our white chocolate lollies? They are a great bitesize chocolate product, available from just 100 units. Each lolly is branded with a full colour logo print.

National Coffee Day

The uk drinks 95 million cups of coffee per day, so it’s safe to say there’s good reason to arrange some national coffee day related events or activities. We can provide branded coffee sachets, and brew boxes containing brownies or biscuits along with a coffee sachet. They are a great treat for your hard-working coffee drinkers.

University Freshers

Student accommodation is now filling up with freshers, if you’re a property management business, landlord or University, don’t forget to treat them to some logo branded edible treats. After all, first impressions are key. We’ve worked with universities and accommodation businesses around the UK to provide freshers cupcakes, biscuits and more!

National Chocolate Cupcake Day

We’ve been working hard to create a chocolate cupcake recipe that tastes amazing! Our team have created a chocolate muffin recipe that meets vegan and gluten free requirements while remaining an enjoyable eating experience. Why not try some for yourself? We can deliver a tray to your offices for your hardworking team to enjoy.

National Chocolate Day

Have you seen our full chocolate range? We’ve got a range of bars, squares and shapes available to help you treat, reward and celebrate. All branded with a high-quality print, they are an amazing way to push out a message to your team or customers.


Halloween doesn’t have to be spooky you know! We’ve created a range of Halloween themed treats topped with your company logo. Spooky ghost and pumpkin biscuits, creepy cupcakes and even chocolate eye-ball sweets are all on offer as part of our Halloween collection this year.

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