Are your clients holding any special events, such as product launches, grand openings or company milestones?

If so, branded Beer and Cider can be an ideal way to commemorate such an occasion and provide a unique experience for all those in attendance!

It’s a known fact that beer has a play in the production of endorphins, also known as feel-good hormones. Beer can aid in the relaxation of your guests, allowing for easier engagement in conversation and the release of pressure one might be feeling at the time.

Featuring a range of popular options, each available in 330ml cans, our customisable Beer and Cider cans are a fantastic marketing tool for businesses to utilise. Fitted with a high-quality, water-resistant full-colour, brandable wrap, your clients can showcase their business to all those in attendance, grabbing their attention and overall leaving a fantastic impression in their minds.

What types do we currently offer you may ask?

We have three options available to choose from, with each one having a unique taste pallet!

The first product is our 4.2% American IPA. Featuring resinous Cascade & Chinook hops layered over a malty caramel base, with Dry hopping, Mosaic & Simcoe to add a bold finish to this incredible brew.

The second is a gloriously refreshing, clean, crisp 4.6% Pilsner in the continental style. Skilfully layered with Pilsner and Vienna malts, Tettnang and Bobek hops, it has a gentle warmth with subtle notes of citrus and floral aromas

Finally, we have a medium-dry 4.6% Cider, which is well-rounded and moreish. Featuring a slight tart finish due to the perfect balance of blended cider apples.

But what’s the minimum order?

Well, across our range of Beer and Cider, we have a minimum starting order quantity of 260 cans, however, the limit is endless, meaning that we can cater for all occasions no matter the size.

Explore our website today for comprehensive information on our product range, and don’t hesitate to reach out to our sales team with any inquiries.


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