It’s 2022, the year that politicians are penning ‘post-pandemic’, and we’re seeing great signs of businesses getting back to where they should be. We’re excited to see people getting back out there, and we wanted to show you why edible promo products should be on your business’ shopping list.


Surely one of the key ways to get your business out there, exhibitions have been a part of marketing for decades. If you’re attending any this year, what are your aims? Are you looking to create brand awareness? take some of your competitors market share? build up a new customer base? or reach a new sector? If so, we can enhance your hard work and help you make even more of an impact. Adding edible promotional products to your marketing mix can help your customers quickly associate positive emotions with your brand.

Office Celebrations:

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘making up for lost time’, and following a period of homeworking, furlough and lack of social occasions for many we’ve seen many businesses really making the most of their shared office spaces. Whether it’s for awareness days, team training, town-hall style meetings or just a cause for celebration, bringing teams together is a great way to make sure everyone is on the same page. We’re encouraging businesses to celebrate things worth celebrating, from hitting team targets, reaching brand anniversaries, new staff members joining, or moving offices. Edible branded treats are an on-brand and no fuss way for you to show your team that they are valued.


For many people, Networking is a great way to start building up a personal and business identity. Whether you’re part of a local group, or a national one, networking can work wonders in getting your company name out there to key decision makers. You might wonder how you can be sure that people you’ve met will remember your business afterwards. Why not give them a unique promotional treat? It’s a great way to make a good first impression. We can provide as little or as many products as you need, with our minimum order quantities starting from just 30 units.

Rekindling Customer Relationships:

For some businesses, Covid has been a time of ‘survival mode’, with uncertain trading conditions forcing many companies to halt certain parts of their operations to focus on staying afloat. With this, some relationships may unfortunately have been forgotten. If you’re now in the position to start getting on the front foot again, it could be a great time to re-kindle customer relationships that may have gone astray. We can work with you to send products to your key customers offices, accompanied by a note or letter. What better way to show your customers that you’re still there to assist them?

What are you waiting for? If you’re trying to make 2022 your biggest year yet, let us help you enhance it even further!

Get in touch with our sales team today, we’d love to hear more about what you’re looking to achieve.

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