bespoke sweets for student graduation

It’s Graduation Season!

It’s Graduation season, and 800,000 students are due to complete their degrees after years of hard work and determination. As a student accommodation site, you’ll have no doubt formed a major part of your tenant’s university experience, so don’t forget to remind them just how much you value their support and loyalty! Celebrate with them!

As graduation season begins, you might be thinking about ways in which to make this year even more special than last. Each year, we help student accommodation sites create memories for their tenants that far outlast their stay! Have you thought about providing unique and memorable treats, branded with your message or logo?

You really should, and here’s why…

Goodwill and Positivity:

You’ll be amazed at the positivity and goodwill that branded cupcakes, biscuits and other tasty treats can create. It’s often the small gestures that make a memorable impact, and that’s certainly what you’ll find if you choose to celebrate with your valued tenants.

It’s as simple as offering some tasty biscuits with a congratulatory message, or some chocolate bars with a graduation themed design! The effect of giving a small gift to your tenants will amaze you, as it creates a lasting positive relationship.

Tenant experience is at the heart of your operations, so make sure you show your valued residents just how proud you are of their achievements. You’ll be sure to see this value back in the form of brand goodwill.

Sense of Community:

We know that creating a sense of community can sometimes be a struggle, but you put a lot of effort into making sure everyone feels welcome and part of what goes on at your site! Surely, with graduation at the peak of all University achievements, it’s the perfect opportunity to create a feeling of togetherness amongst all graduates.

Why not offer graduating students a tasty treat as they leave with their family and friends? After all, they’ve a long day ahead of them. Be the first organisation to wish them well, and form a part of their memory on graduation day.

Through offering your graduating tenants a treat, a powerful sense of community can be created, with a real buzz of excitement.

Brand Image and Marketing Reach:

Brand image is everything when it comes to attracting new students, so take every opportunity you can to create noise around your site and the overall brand. Showing tenants just why they should choose your site can be simple, and your tenants will even spread your message for you!

You’re a fun and engaging student accommodation site, who value their tenants massively. What better way to shout about it than having graduating students posting about their gifted treats online?

Chances are, your tenants and their families will snap a picture of your branded treats and post about them on social media. After all, they’re a unique and visually engaging surprise.

You’ll enjoy positive brand image and an increased marketing reach as a result!

So what are you waiting for? – It’s time to get thinking!

How are you going to make graduates feel special this year?

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