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Did you know- 60% of the orders we send out are used internally by businesses? Now more than ever, businesses are dedicating focus to ensuring that employees are happy, engaged and retained. As is commonly believed, staff are the most valuable asset to a business, and it’s great to see organisations making advances to further enhance their internal work culture.

Do you clients have a HR Strategies covering employee engagement? Whether they’re a large multinational business or a small team, its important that they consider their approach to keeping people happy and motivated. Research shows that there are multiple factors which can contribute towards an engaged workforce, including career opportunities, culture, wellness and team rewards.

Many businesses regularly provide desk treats or workplace giveaways, either ‘just because’ or to mark an occasion or achievement. Our product range has been created to offer a wide range of choices for businesses looking to add their branding to their very own edible sweet treats. Whether your clients are looking to hold a company wide wellness day, charity event or just offer a motivational Monday snack, we’re here to help associate your clients brand and culture with positive emotions and feelings.

Our team have also worked with hundreds of Internal Communications professionals to assist in getting messages out in an engaging way for brands around the UK. Whether your clients are launching a new policy, system of software amongst teams, it’s key that everyone is bought into the idea. For many businesses, a highly effective way to do this is by providing memorable edible treats.

Within our product range you’ll find a whole host of options, including our award-winning logo branded cupcakes, branded brownies and even doughnuts packaged in eco-friendly tubs. We’ve also created a range of letterbox friendly products making it possible for your clients to engage with remote working staff.

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