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Top edible promotional picks for the summer months

You can’t deny – summer is a great time of year! Sunshine, longer days and warmer weather. We love working on summer promotional ideas with our customers, as it’s a great positive time of year to engage with your customers and staff – both indoors AND outdoors.

If you’re looking to connect with your customers and internal teams ahead of summer 2022 but don’t quite know what to do, we can work with you to find the perfect solution! Our team have assembled some of our favourite options, and how they can best be used in the warm summer months.

Great news! We’ve even created some brand-new options this year, to keep your summer staff engagement or marketing campaigns fresh and original. Our collection of summer promotional treats includes new products and well-loved customer classics! We have even made sure that our products are all available in eco-friendly packaging, with some items individually wrapped.


Company Picnic:

Top Products:

Cake Jars/Individually Wrapped Cupcakes

Make the most of the sunshine with a staff outing to a local nature spot, or even just make the most of the office/workplace car park. Get some delicious food arranged, and make sure you top it off with some company branded treats. Providing staff with edible logo treats can make a memorable impact and will help you boost engagement and positivity amongst your workforces.

Our cake jars are a great choice, as they are provided with an individual spoon, and can be easily handed out amongst your teams. Also available is our individually wrapped cupcakes, packaged in eco-film.


Summer BBQ:

Top Products:

Bespoke Biscuits/Ice Cream

Over the years we’ve seen some businesses execute summer BBQs perfectly. Good food, drink and company are the key! We’ve helped some businesses in providing logo branded sweet treats for use at their BBQ events, including bespoke shaped biscuits, and even logo branded Ice Cream tubs.

We’re recommending our ice cream tubs, as they have been a best-selling summer product for the last few years, with each tub available with a full colour printed design, choice of lid colour, and a range of classic and unique flavours.


Away Day:

Top Products:

Logo Branded Biscuits/Square Bites

Company away days are always a great way to build team connections and release the day-to-day stresses of life. There are options for every type of company. Whether you’ve booked a pre-arranged package, or your team have arranged something completely bespoke, we can help you add a special finishing touch. By providing your employees with an on-brand sweet treat, you will create a positive impression. Not only will this encourage goodwill and positivity, but it will also help you communicate just how much you value your employee’s commitment and hard work. An away day is easily enhanced and remembered with the help of the small personal details.

We’re recommending our logo branded cookies, individually wrapped, as well as our 5cm square items including millionaire bites and brownie bites. These options are great for taking away to events, as they are individually wrapped in our eco-film.


Wellbeing Day:

Top Products:

Wrapped Cupcakes/Doughnut Tubs

After a turbulent 18 months of trading conditions, we’ve seen the rise of ‘mental health’ or ‘wellbeing’ days, in which staff are encouraged to take the day off and use it to hit the reset button. Whether they spend time with family, have a relaxing day at home, or take some time to do hobbies that they enjoy, the time encourages staff members to switch off from their work. What better way to enhance this than arranging desk drops for their return?

Whether you place cupcakes or doughnuts on each desk, the office will be buzzing with positivity. Staff are likely to channel this positive energy into their work and interactions with customers.


Making the most of the summer months is a priority for businesses up and down the UK but planning properly is key to making a success of your hopes for the warm months. If you’re looking to make some major progress this year, we’d love to help you. Whether you’re running staff engagement campaigns or increasing brand awareness with customers, we’re looking forward to working with you to enhance your business.


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