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It sounds like the answer to every downtrodden wage slave’s prayer – National Boss/Employee Exchange Day, when workers and bosses swap roles! A day when bosses answer the phone, make the coffee (two sugars, please) and deal with that awkward customer. Workers, meanwhile, get to play golf in the boardroom!!

Traditionally held on the 12th of September and designed for bosses to swap roles for the day with their team members, it can logistically be a nightmare, but also a good exercise in gaining an insight into how your business works at all levels. However, National Boss/Employee Exchange Day is really less about doing one another’s job, and more about exchanging ideas. What could make the employee’s day easier? How can we improve this company? What can the boss do to boost morale and reward employees?!

If you want to show your team how much you value them, be the best kind of boss and create a positive atmosphere with some edible treats!

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