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Are you involved in marketing? We create marketing resources for you to use!

Our marketing team work hard to develop and update collateral that is ready for use by our trade distributor partners, and is available to download from our trade portal website. It’s easier than ever to promote our memorable and unique range of edible promotional products.

Distributors that utilise our marketing resources have seen an increase in interest and orders for our range, and as edible promotional products are unique they have also seen an increase in engagement from audiences.


How to Generate interest in Edible Promo Products:

Be Visual

What better way to help clients visualise products than showing them just how they look, and how they are made.

Videos: Videos gain approximately 38% more engagement online than photos, so we’ve created a suite of promotional videos for your use. You can preview them on our trade portal, and our team are able to send over unbranded versions or even versions with your own logo in the title card.

Images: Images are a fantastic way to catch your potential customers eye, especially as food gains a great amount of engagement. Our marketing image library is regularly refreshed to include event and season specific graphics.


Use lifestyle or people images

Looking at our own data we’ve found that the type of image you use can affect the level of engagement gained from your target audience. We’ve found that the most successful posts are lifestyle images which show products in context of their use, and images that include people.

With this in mind our resources have been designed to create maximum engagement from your audience. Check out our marketing resources page to take a look at the collateral we have created for your use.


Send E-shots

Reaching your database regularly is a good way to keep clients old and new up to date with your offering. It’s a great way to highlight products that are on trend and in season. Distributors have seen greater engagement with e-shots that include more unique promotional products such as our range of edible items.

Our marketing team know how time consuming it can be to create an engaging and accurate promotional email, particularly if you’re not familiar with the products. That’s why we offer our trade partners our ready made email campaign templates.


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