Homeworker Millionaire – 8 Portions


Special Offer Homeworker Millionaire Brownie (No Gift Box): £8.99 Delivered (normally £13.98) 

Who wants to eat a MILLIONAIRE bite? Well we think everyone does as it is going to be our new favourite! A tasty biscuit base topped with layers of caramel and chocolate flavoured coating, on top of which is your edible logo topper. These are great tasting and high quality with a long shelf life.

  • Delicious pack of 8 Logo Millionaire Shortcake, individually wrapped in clear biodegradable film.
  • The 5cm square icing topper that can be printed with any logo and image. Please check our PRINT GUIDELINES before ordering.
  • Minimum order is 10 boxes of Millionaires, though we can provide thousands.
  • Order them individual boxes wrapped in clear compostable film.
  • Our Millionaires are at their best for 14 days from delivery.
  • Full product and price information is at the bottom of the page.

CONTACT OUR SALES TEAM - Choose your quantity, colour and flavour.

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