8cm Round Flapjack


  • Delicious 8cm Logo Branded Flapjack, individually wrapped in clear film.
  • The 8cm round icing topper that can be printed with any logo and image.
  • Minimum order is 30 flapjacks, though we can provide thousands.
  • All flapjacks have at least a 2 month shelf life and are ideal give away products.
  • Order quickly and easily ONLINE or send an enquiry to our sales team.
  • Full product and price information is at the bottom of the page.
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Please check how many copies of each image your require as they do not match the number of products you are ordering.


8cm Round Logo Branded Flapjacks
  • Packaging – Individually wrapped in clear film.
  • Print Area – The 8cm round icing topper that can be printed with any logo and image.
  • Minimum Order Quantities – Minimum order is 30 biscuits, though we can provide thousands if required.
  • Order Lead Times – We can usually turn round orders up to 1,000 units in around 7 days. If you have a larger requirement or a short lead time, please contact our sales team.
  • Shelf Life – All biscuits have at least a 2 month shelf life and are ideal give away products.
  • Ingredients – Each biscuit will have an ingredient label on the rear.

These volume discounts are up to the maximum you can order online for this product. Further discounts are available for larger orders, please contact us for the relevant pricing.

Print Guidelines

We get fantastic feedback from our customers about the print quality of the images on their cakes, cupcakes and biscuits and we understand that getting your logo and branding correct is extremely important. Our production team take great pride in getting the best image possible, but we do ask you to understand that printing onto icing is not the same as traditional printing and and as a result we cannot guarantee to exactly match your image colour. In order to ensure that you receive the best quality image as closely matched to your branding as possible, we recommend you follow our print guidelines:

IMPORTANT – Colour matching

  • We always do our best to match our print to the image you send us, however, we can only match it to the image as viewed on our computer screens.
  • Please consider that an image viewed on a computer screen is in an RGB format and as computer screens differ, it can look different from screen to screen.
  • We print using inkjet technology with a mix of CMYK edible inks on a photo quality print head.
  • We cannot select pantones or specific CMYK colour codes.
  • If you are very concerned about colour matching please post us a physical print of the image which will help us adjust the printers in order to get the best match possible.

Image format

  • Please send us your images as high resolution in either JPEG or PNG format.
  • The higher the resolution the better.  Logos taken from email footers or websites are often really low resolution and are not always ideal for printing.
  • If you are having large cakes it is especially important to provide us with a high-resolution image as the printed image on the cake can be up to 30cm wide.

Print Type

Our edible ink food printers are photo quality inkjet machines using CMYK colours to reproduce your images. Ideally, we need images that have been saved as CMYK format to ensure the print software reads the colours correctly. If the image has been created using RGB or other colour coding formats this may affect how our printers interpret the colours in the image.

Image clarity

Whilst printing with edible ink onto icing is a similar process to traditional CMYK paper printing, edible ink and icing are a different consistency to paper and traditional ink. This means we cannot 100% guarantee to reproduce your image with 100% clarity.

Grey text or Images

Grey is the hardest colour to be replicated with edible ink, especially when it is in an image with other brighter colours. This means that sometimes the grey part of the image or text may come out with a slightly blue tinge and as a result, this would fall into our acceptable parameters.

Fine print

Images with very fine or really small writing can often be a challenge to recreate with 100% clarity, especially if the writing is within a large block of colour. Where possible, please send images with larger, bold text or alternatively remove any unnecessary text to simplify the print.

Small text in light colours such as light grey can also be a challenge. We recommend larger bolder text.

Metallic colours

Metallic colours like gold and silver are difficult to print with edible ink.  Gold may end up with a green tinge and silver will be a shade of grey.


We may occasionally request or suggest an image is re-designed to ensure it can be printed within the parameters of our equipment. Should the re-design request or our ideas not be accepted we will not provide any financial redress should there be any image quality issues.

Very detailed images and designs

Really detailed images and designs can also be a challenge, especially if they are in a large block of colour. We recommend, where possible, that you use a simple image or logo where fine detail is not detrimental to the look of the print.

Image Life

Whilst we can produce great quality images, they will degrade over time as the icing they are printed onto is subject to temperature and humidity fluctuations. We suggest that all products that are not being used are kept at room temperature and out of direct sunlight.  Do not refrigerate any of our products it will affect the surface that the image is printed upon. We recommend that images are at their best for the following times:

Cupcakes – 2 days from delivery / Full Cakes – 5 days from delivery / Biscuits and Flapjacks – 7 days from delivery.

Hard copy logos or images

Please post to Eat My Logo Ltd, 7 Edward Street, Chorley, PR6 0RE.

How to Order Online:

Choose your Quantity

  • Choose the size, flavour and colour (Where applicable)
  • Select the quantity you require. Up to 500 cupcakes and biscuits and up to 10 full sized cakes.  If you require more than this, please contact our sales team.
  • Click the green ORDER ONLINE button.  This will open up the product builder.

Upload your Images

  • Upload your logo image and re-size or rotate it until you are happy.
  • Please ensure the image is inside the dotted line.
  • The white margin outside the dotted line is the print margin, so the printable part of your image can go wight up to the dotted lines.

Add Text

  • Add text to your image or just have text on its own.
  • Choose your font style and font colour.
  • You can add a white background so that it stands out over your image.

Confirm your Image

  • Once you are happy with your image click the CONFIRM IMAGE button underneath the picture.
  • If you want to ad another image just repeat the process above.
  • You can upload up to 6 images to be spread amongst your products.
  • If you upload multiple images, remember to allocate how many of each image you want on your products.

Add To Basket

  • Once you’re happy with your personalised products, simply click add to basket.
  • You can go straight to checkout, or add more products to the order.

Large Round Flapjack – Oats (46.5%),  Sugar, Vegetable Oil (Palm, Rapeseed), Syrup, Dextrose, Skimmed Milk powder, Salt, Flavouring, Colour (Paprika extract).  May contain traces of nuts

Icing – Your biscuit is topped with high quality sugar paste icing that is specially formulated to provide the best surface to print logos and images.  The ingredients for our icing are:

  • Sugar, vegetable oil, glucose syrup, Humectants (E420, E422), water, Stabilisers (E413, E415), flavouring, colour (E171), Emulsifier (E472©), Acidity regulators (E270, E325), Preservative (E202).

Edible Ink – Our images are printed using edible ink in four colours Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK), Ingredients for our ink are:

  • Water, Ethanol, Glycerin, artificial colouring – may contain the following: FD&C red 40, FD&C blue 1, FD&C red 3, FD&C yellow 5, Emulsifiers, polysorbate 80, preservative, methylparaben (0.1%)

Who Will Deliver My Products:

Most of our products are delivered using the APC next-business-day FRAGILE  delivery service to ensure your products arrive in the best condition. Some products are also delivered by Royal Mail. (Ice Cream Deliveries – A different delivery service and cost structure applies for Ice Cream Orders, please ask our sales teams for details).

WHERE TO WE DELIVER TO: We can deliver our products to the UK, Northern Ireland and parts of the Irish Republic. The locations listed below are classed as remote or international and will attract additional courier charges.

  • Scottish Highlands & Islands and certain Scottish postcodes classed as remote
  • Northern Ireland
  • Isle of Man, Isle of Wight & Channel Islands
  • Irish Republic
  • EU Countries

COURIER DELIVERY TIMES & COSTS: We have four weekday and three Saturday target time delivery slots for our APC courier service. Whilst the vast majority of deliveries arrive by their target time, please aware that these are not guaranteed delivery times and occasionally they may arrive later due to matters out of the courier’s control. Please see target times time and costs below.

  • Monday to Friday (UK Mainland Only) 
    • Between 8:00 &  9:30 – from £27.99
    • Between 08:00 & 10:30 – from £22.99
    • Between 08:00 & 12:30 – from £17.99
    • Between 08:00 & 16:00 – from £12.50
  • Saturday (UK Mainland Only)
    • Between 8:00 &  9:30 – from £47.99
    • Between 08:00 & 10:30 – from £42.99
    • Between 08:00 & 12:30 – from £37.99
  • Bank Holidays: There are not deliveries on Bank Holidays.

These times are ‘target latest delivery times’ and are not guaranteed.  It is rare that deliveries are outside of their latest delivery time, but if your delivery is time sensitive we recommend choosing an earlier slot.

DELIVERY ADDRESS INFORMATION: It is the ordering customer’s to ensure the delivery address and contact information is accurate and up to date.  If the information is not correct which results in a failed delivery, we will not be able to re-deliver the products, however you will still be liable for their cost.

Please be aware that our couriers are contracted to deliver products to a physical address provided by our customer. The couriers are not responsible for ensuring they are received by the named person.

CALLING AHEAD: Our couriers WILL NOT call ahead to notify a recipient of when they will be arriving. They will only contact the recipient or ourselves in the event that they cannot deliver the products to the delivery address.

BAD WEATHER or TRAFFIC– If your delivery is late due to extreme situations such as extreme traffic or extreme weather causing delays to the courier network, Eat My Logo will not be liable for any late delivery refunds or product refunds.  Extreme conditions are considered to be, but not limited to, snow, ice, floods, fog and storms that are normally reported by local or national media and bad traffic conditions  that include road closures.



If your project is to multiple locations we will require that all addresses are provided on a spreadsheet supplied by us.

1. It is the ordering customers responsibility to provide accurate and up to date address data that can be uploaded into our courier system.

2. Please provide the data in the correct columns below for an accurate import. The Yellow columns are compulsory information.

3. Data presented in a different format that requries manual upload is sibject to a £2.50 per entry surcharge.

4. Our couriers will deliver to the addresses provided below. If the order cannot be delivered because the address is wrong, the company has moved, the named person does not work there or it is turned away, we cannot arrange re-delivery and the products will be returned to the courier depot and destroyed.

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