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About our Logo Branded Cupcakes

  •  Our Logo branded cupcakes are all baked from scratch using top quality ingredients and to traditional recipes.
  •  Your logo or message is printed directly onto cake icing. No claggy rice or wafer paper!
  •  Your cupcakes can be baked in a wide range of coloured cases to help match your branding.
  •  You can buy just a few for a small event or thousands for large multi site projects.
  •  Our prices are volume related, the more you purchase, the cheaper our unit price.
  •  Your delivery costs start from just £12.50 per location. For more details see our FAQ’s
  •  You can send us your completed design or we can help you design it free of charge.
  •  You can order via our sales team, or online using our easy to use Product Builder.
  • We do receive brilliant feedback, please see our testimonials.

Frosted Logo Cupcakes (minimum 15)

  • Our frosted cupcakes are our most popular and are made up of a freshly baked sponge cake base, a swirl of cake frosting topped with your brand or logo.
  • Flavour options for frosted cupcakes are vanilla and lemon.  Other flavours are available.

 Filled Logo Cupcakes (minimum 6)

  • Our filled cupcakes are made up of a freshly baked sponge cake base with a flavoured buttercream core. 
  • On top of the cupcake is the branded icing edible cake topper.  
  • Flavour options for filled cupcakes are vanilla, light chocolate and lemon. 

Packaging Options

We can provide a range of boxes for you to transfer cakes to at your end, from single cupcake pods to 12 pack boxes.

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