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About Our Logo Branded Cake Toppers

Our Logo Branded Cake Toppers are superior to the usual rice paper toppers in the market. At Eat My Logo we have developed a brand new way whereby we print high-quality logo images onto 2mm thick pieces of fondant cake icing which are rigid, easy to use and are really nice to eat.

They get delivered to you in trays and you just pop them onto your own products.  We can make toppers of almost any size and shape as well as the standard round ones.


Our pricing is volume related and the more you order the cheaper they get.  Pricing below is for our standard topper range.  There is little difference between the costs for the sizes as most of our cost is labour rather than the ingredients.


Type 125 250 500 750 1000
50mm Disc £0.65 £0.64 £0.63 £0.62 £0.61
38 mm Disc £0.64 £0.63 £0.62 £0.61 £0.60
25mm disc £0.63 £0.62 £0.61 £0.60 £0.59


Courier Delivery

Our trusted couriers will deliver our cake toppers to single or multiple locations in the UK.

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