Our Branded Freshers Themed Treats will enable you to enhance your first year university students celebrations with a range of yummy treats to enjoy!

Our entire range can be fully customised, enabling you to personalise your treats with your own Freshers Themed Artwork.

Stand Out and Enhance Freshers Week Today!

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When is Freshers Week?

Freshers Week takes place at the beginning of the academic year, with millions of students taking part in a week full of events and activity’s which are designed to help new student make friends, familiarise themselves with their university and ultimately have fun!

Even though Freshers Week is aimed at new students primarily, any student, no matter what year they are in can attend Freshers events!

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Wide Variety of Treats to Choose From!

Our entire range can be fully customised with Freshers week Themed Artwork, be that of your own design or previous artwork designed by our in-house Marketing team.

Treats include our famous branded Cupcakes and branded Biscuits, as well as delicious Brownies, promotional Cake Jars, sweet Jam tarts, indulgent Chocolates, branded Doughnuts and so much more!

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Who can use our Products 

Freshers week can be the perfect opportunity for universities and surrounding businesses to take part and enhance students celebrations in the local area! Why not have your very own branded, Freshers themed products in attendance to make Freshers week the best it can be!

For instance, our biscuits and cookies can be the perfect treat for universities to hand out to their students on their first day, Afterall, who doesn’t enjoy a yummy snack to start the day off.

Furthermore if you are a bar in the local area, then our cocktail toppers would be the perfect choice to enhance your drinks range and theme it towards new students.

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Ways Our Products Can be Used at Freshers Week!

Our products can be used in a variety of ways to enhance freshers week! Want to hear how?

Cocktail Toppers

Our cocktail toppers are perfect for freshers celebrations! Customise your very own freshers week toppers to be added to your variety of drinks and cocktails to enhance and impress your recipients.

Wrapped Biscuits and Cookies

With a shelf life of at least 2 months, they are perfect to hand out to students as a welcome treat, and with the ability to wrap our biscuits and cookies, this ensures freshness for the recipient! Orders start from just 100 units, however the limit is endless, enabling us to meet all of your quantity requirements.


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Branded Cupcakes and Cocktail Toppers: Perfect for University Freshers’ Events

University freshers’ week is an exciting time for students to embark on a new chapter of their lives. It’s a time of exploration, making new friends, and creating lasting memories. One way to make a lasting impression during this important period is by incorporating branded cupcakes and cocktail toppers into your university freshers’ events. In this blog, we will explore how these branded treats can enhance the experience, create a sense of belonging, and leave a lasting impression on students.

University Branded Cupcakes

Branded cupcakes featuring your university’s logo, colours, or mascot can create an immediate sense of pride and belonging among students. These delicious treats act as a symbol of unity, fostering a strong connection to the university community. Whether they are handed out during orientation sessions, welcome events, or in university goodie bags, these cupcakes serve as a sweet reminder of the exciting journey ahead.

Freshers’ Themed Cocktail Toppers

Freshers’ week is often synonymous with fun social events and parties. Enhance the celebration by offering freshers’ themed cocktail toppers adorned with your university’s logo, business name or slogans. These personalised toppers can be used to garnish beverages, adding a touch of creativity and exclusivity to the experience. Students will appreciate the attention to detail while enjoying their favourite drinks.

Branded Cupcakes and Goodie Bags

Welcome new students with university branded cupcakes included in goodie bags or welcome packs. These goodie bags can be distributed during registration or orientation sessions, providing a warm welcome and a sense of appreciation. By including branded cupcakes, you not only satisfy students’ sweet cravings but also create an emotional connection to the university from the very beginning of their journey.

Engaging Social Events

Host social events during freshers’ week where students can enjoy delicious, branded cupcakes and beverages topped with freshers’ themed cocktail toppers. These events provide opportunities for students to connect, socialize, and create friendships that can last throughout their university journey. The presence of branded treats adds an element of excitement and unity, setting the tone for a memorable university experience.


Branded cupcakes and cocktail toppers play a significant role in creating a sense of identity, unity, and excitement during university freshers’ week. By incorporating your university’s logo, colours, and themes into these treats, you establish a strong connection with students from the very beginning of their journey. Whether it’s including cupcakes in welcome packs or using freshers’ themed cocktail toppers at social events, these treats leave a lasting impression and foster a sense of community among students. Embrace the power of branding and sweeten the freshers’ experience with these delightful and personalised treats.